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Essential CreationZ

Our products are handmade, natural and made with holistic ingredients that benefits the body as a whole.


Kellen Arrington is passionate about offering accessible and healthy lifestyle options for generations to come. She embodies this by sharing her journey, creating all-natural products, and partnering with expecting and new mothers. Through this work she encourages families to seek and choose healthier lifestyle options.

Kellen began her own journey toward a healthier lifestyle in 2016. Kellen’s father passed away from his battles with diabetes, kidney failure, high blood pressure, and appendicitis. With this tremendous loss, came awareness of just how essential it was for Kellen to change her habits. She set a goal to live healthier – not only for herself but as an example for future generations, especially her son. Kellen started by eating more nutritious meals and incorporating herbs into her daily diet. It wasn’t long before Kellen transitioned to using natural products on her skin and hair.

In January 2017, Kellen started researching and created her own body butter and hair moisturizer. Excited by the benefits her formulas achieved for common issues, Kellen shared her products and practices with others, and Essential CreationZ bloomed.

In 2018, Kellen gave birth to her daughter, and found she had sensitive skin. This inspired Kellen to create all-natural baby care essentials, which are now included in the Essential CreationZ product line.

In response to the disproportionately high mortality rate of black mothers & babies, the lack of reasonable healthcare options for the BIPoC community, and a noticable absence of lactation support in her community, Kellen pursued and earned her Doula certification and became a Lactation Peer Counselor in 2019.

Kellen is attentive to the needs and desires of the community, and she created additional all-natural products to her line as times call for them. Essential CreationZ all-natural products include herbal baths for a variety of needs, medicinal options to support detox or boost immunity, an outdoor line for comfort from bugs, and more.

“Remember there are levels to being healthy, but it’s always good to start somewhere.” – Kellen Arrington

Our Mission is to inspire health by providing all natural skin, hair and holistic products that promote wellness and living a happier and healthier lifestyle